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How did we start?

Our founder, Ifrah, was always addicted to being busy and staying focused. She was always super crafty in her spare time and looked at her creativity as a hobby but never thought of it as a career.

After she realized the potential of her talent, she jumped into the jewelry industry and the organization has been reaching new heights since then.

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What do we do?

Today, we are proud to say that we are Canada's leading jewelry store. We are based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, featuring high-end designer jewelry from around the world. We also offer customization services to all our clients.

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What do we wish to accomplish?

Eventually, we are customers too and we know exactly what our customers want. We wish to provide the greatest amount of customer satisfaction to make sure every client thinks of us when they are in need of jewelry, may it be formal, bridal or other types of jewelry.

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