Why We Wear Earrings?

Why We Wear Earrings?

Have you ever thought why ear piercing is so common and in many cultures even expected of women?

Wearing earrings is one of the oldest and the most common forms of body adornment that is found to be a cross cultural norm since early history. Checking back into the history shows, the oldest mummified body discovered to date: Ötzi the Iceman (3300BC) had pierced ears.

Earrings have been worn for all sorts of reasons including religious believes, superstitions, rites of passage, spiritual purposes, celebration, status symbol or purely for aesthetic reasons. Early evidences of earring-wearing tells, it started off particularly among men and was spotted on women in 19th century, got common among women by 20th century.

Over time, through the ages, we got so used to seeing faces with earrings that we continue even now. The fast spread of earring-wearing among young girls is in fact a good example of power of fashion influence.

Most women choose these popular accessories according to their overall style or color choices. Believe it or not, earrings are the most important accessory now a days. In the absence of words, looks work and your gorgeous face is the first thing someone sees, thereby making it the most important accessory.

The modern concept is that, right earrings for your face shape, help accentuate your natural beauty and can enhance your best features, as well as add color and personality to any outfit.

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