Here are 10 different types of brides – which one are you?

Here are 10 different types of brides – which one are you?

As a jewelry designer, I meet all types of brides. And just as each wedding is unique, each bride has her own personality and her own quirks! Getting engaged and planning a wedding is a time to celebrate your love and commitment. But as exciting and meaningful as it is, it can also be stressful and downright complicated. Let’s find out what type of bride you are!


There’s no denying that weddings are expensive! This one has searched hundreds of websites for inspiration and everything from invitations to centre pieces is DIY by herself or her friends. She might be planning on renting or purchasing a preowned dress and cuts every corner in order to save but wants a wedding fit for a queen.


Almost nothing is done correctly the first time around according to her. The flowers aren’t fresh enough, the music isn’t right and the colors are off. Does multiple makeup trials and cake tastings. You will find this one giving a tough time to her vendors, family and guests. Many wonder if she scared her husband to marry her.


She refuses to wear traditional wedding colors or attire and is against almost anything remotely associated with traditional weddings and has a mind of its own. We are not entirely sure why this bride is getting married.


This type of bride has been waiting for her Prince Charming since kindergarten and grew up watching Cinderella. You will spot a lot of pink at her wedding. She will spend a great deal of time and money planning, also finds the most castle-like venue for her big day.  


She is writing down everything on a note pad and is constantly on the lookout for things that might go wrong. All the wedding preps are going as planned. Dresses and jewelry arrived on time but she gets into a panic mode every now and then.


She is always chill as a cucumber while others around her ask whether she has booked her makeup artist yet. She spends more time assuring family she will sort things later than she does organising the actual wedding and usually leaves every detail for the very last-minute. 


This bride doesn’t take things too seriously and enjoys every moment by adding her unique touches to keep the wedding guests smiling. Most likely to show up in a bright coloured wedding dress and totally impractical shoes. Bride and her friends sing with happiness and dance the night away.


She started her Pinterest wedding board years before the engagement but still is super indecisive. Her mom, sisters, friends and aunts are all there to help and they all go for wedding shopping in groups. Many times end up in a fight on who is right and the bride remains confused.


Most likely to plan the entire wedding herself. She knows exactly what she wants and will not let any detail go unaccomplished. Her dress and jewelry is ready more than six months in advance.


Wearing her mother’s wedding dress and her grandmother’s jewelry. This bride is all about making the occasion as special as possible. Will have countless crying sessions with family since the date is finalised till even after the wedding is over.

So which type of bride you were, you are going to be or your bride-to-be bestie is?

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