Girls! Gear Up! …. Wedding Season Is On Its Way!

Girls! Gear Up! …. Wedding Season Is On Its Way!

Wedding, one of the most sacred and beautiful traditions of all times, brings not only bundles of joy and blessings to the newly weds and their families but is also a means of sumptuous celebrations. Numerous ideas spring up when it comes to planning a wedding. Spacious and well decorated venue, costly caterers, vibrant colored decor, shimmering bridal dresses, flawless makeup, acute accessories and choosing the finest jewelry are few of the most significant tasks among all while planning a wedding.

Every family has their own precedence in bringing up the best for the couple. Some weigh apparent shine and glitter over simplicity while others pay more attention to minimalism. Not withstanding the priority each one has “jewelry selection” is ignored by none. Jewelry does not only play a major role in dolling up a bride with elegance and sensuous look but also provides a means of security and comfort throughout her life.


Along with the bride who is en laced sensationally from head to toe with a striking “mathapatti” placed elegantly on her shinning forehead, rounded and stone-carved “jhumkas” which dangle to and fro laughing as the bride does, necklace with swirling pearls or stones tied gracefully around her neck, perfectly matched bangles, bracelets and “stoned karas” making the loveliest of the crackle sound as they sway up and down while bride sets her skillfully embroidered dupatta, “Rings” that flicker and flash with every glint of light present therein, “payals” and toe rings adorning her henna covered feet, jewelry, no doubt, is essentially worn by every woman attending the event.

Along with an exclusive array mentioned above jewelry consists of multiple range which include “tikka”, “guluband”,”maala” “bazu band”, “studs and earrings”, small locket sets, chains, nose rings and multiple other sub-ranges. As rich, colorful and vibrant of the events that a wedding is women of all age groups (baby girls, teenagers, middle-aged, elderly) simply adore embellishing themselves with exquisite jewelry of any metal that it may be.


“No gold-digging for me; I take diamonds! We may be off the gold standard someday~ Mae West”, yes! Someday! But that day surely isn’t near enough yet. Gold, platinum and white gold are indispensable metals to fabricate jewelry in various designs and forms and have been in demand since their inception. Next to enhancing women’s beauty they contribute in providing a sense of security, ease and self-confidence, thus, making her feel pure and simply wonderful. Unfortunately, they are not as easily affordable as jewelry in other line of metal due to their cost ineffectiveness.

Jewelry designed in Silver, Gold-plated is vastly worn in weddings due to their cost efficacy and more or less similar outcomes of those designed in Gold. Precious and semi-precious gemstones add a sense of color and fashion with beautifully embroidered clothes women select to wear on weddings. Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, Garnet, Opal, Topaz are few of the many gemstones whose richness in color and trend, when studded in necklaces, bangles, rings and bracelets compliment perfectly with all those bright and gaudy “Lehngas”, “Shararas”, “Ghararas”, “choori pajamas” and “Saris” worn by girls while clapping and dancing cheerfully on some “bhangra” number.



So girls! As the wedding season is on its way go and get your dresses matched with the finest jewels since the joy of the wedding lies in those sparkling, twinkling shopping bags! We welcome you to visit us online or call 647-705-8654 for all your jewelry needs and custom orders.

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