Earring lovers around the world confused..

Earring lovers around the world confused..


Usually when we buy earrings anywhere, they come with backings and the most common type of backing is the one with a nut and a plastic disc around it.
A few weeks ago while browsing through internet I came across a post by a Twitter user @Chelsea__Smithh, she shared her amazing discovery about these earring-backs on Twitter and women everywhere realized they’ve been making the same mistake.

”After my nineteen years of living i have now realized that you are supposed to take the plastic part off ”— Chelsea Smith (@Chelsea__Smithh) August 1, 2015.

The tweet was re-posted nearly 40.000 times. People went crazy, this world shaking news literally blew up the internet. Most of us probably thought that those plastic do-hickey’s are a part of the design, right?  But is it designed to prevent the back of the earring from being lost in its packaging and you are suppose to remove the plastic before wearing the earrings?
Really? I have been doing it wrong all my life, seriously I sell jewelry and I didn’t know that!?!



The reality though is that earrings come in all sorts of weights, sizes and shapes. Different ears come with a different capacity to carry them. The larger the earring-back, the more secure and stable the earring stays. This type of earring backs are called bullet-clutch backs with pads and the plastic pads provide some extra support to keep them in place in particular for the larger earrings and distributes the weight better. Also its really hard to take off the plastic part from the metal nut. A few times my plastic disc came off the nut and according to me the back was broken. On the other hand some people who have a small earlobe find the plastic disc uncomfortable. In that case they might be happy with Chelsea’s discovery. If you wish to try the backings without the disc a simple trick would be to cut it of with a nail clipper from one end and the nut will pop out of it easily.

I found it really interesting to share with all of you. Be sure to tell us what you think!
Do you like to keep the plastic pads on your earring-backs?

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