A Gem-Story For Each Month Of The Year!

A Gem-Story For Each Month Of The Year!

Thinking of gems and their types, our mind makes a quick connection with birthstones. History shows that since ages people have adorned themselves not only for beauty but also for a meaning and use of birthstones is a good example of it.
Fame of birthstones dates back to times when civilizations believed that gemstones have medical affects and beneficial influences. They were believed to bring luck, health and prosperity to the user.

The origin of birthstones still being unclear, every month of the year is traditionally associated with a gem stone. The concept of wearing a gem that represents your birth month can be loosely traced to 16th century. Later, jewelers were obsessed of this idea as a smart marketing opportunity. Official lists of gemstones for each month, along with a few alluring short stories – some historical – some mythical – some hypothetical were promoted encouraging the purchase of gemstone themed jewelry.

No matter the ancestry, no doubt there’s something fascinating about the idea that we each have a special stone correlated to the particular month we were born.  Following is a list of gems associated with each month of the year compiled for you to enjoy.

Garnet – January

Amethyst – February

Aquamarine – March

Diamond – April

Emerald – May

Pearl – June

Ruby – July

Peridot – August

Sapphire – September

Tourmaline – October

Citrine – November

Turquoise – December

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